What does a radiator do?

The purpose of a radiator is to cool down your engine, but there’s more to them than what you might know.

Through the power of engine coolant, these machines keep your engine from over heating in the desert heat of Arizona and eventually bursting into flames. Being that the last thing you want on a long road trip in your used Corvette through the desert of Nevada is a car on fire, they are incredibly important.

custom-radiatorRadiator shops are pretty interesting places to visit if you want to learn more. We stopped by JSD Auto Parts the other day and learned all sorts of things. You can schedule a meeting with them by clicking here. One thing you should know regardless, though, is to be careful whenever you open a radiator cap. If you’ve seen any movie with relative car trouble, you’ve seen the overflowing steam coming out of the car engine in clouds. This is caused by an immediate drop in the pressure, releasing the overheated coolant in clouds of harmful steam into the face of the unwary driver. Don’t be that driver in the movie, keep a safe distance when opening your radiator cap. No one wants hot steam in their face. As great as radiators are, you don’t have to get up close to see it. If you must, examine one that isn’t attached to a running car. If you’re really that fascinated with them, you should consider visiting a radiator shop.

Radiator repair is often necessary, as they are a type of machine. By moving the heat from the fluid inside to the air outside, they keep engines running efficiently, but need their own maintenance as well. As interesting little machines they are, they get little notice aside from being fairly common. Especially in older cars, they make up a great deal of the front of the car. They aren’t hard to find or even too expensive.

Since 1905, coolants besides water have been used. Ford was a leader in the design of radiators, they made larger tubes to increase the efficiency of the radiator. Over time, since the invention of radiators in 1901, the technology behind them has expanded far beyond simply cooling the car engine down. Now they provide us with the ability to create the high powered engines that the cars on vettelove.com all have.┬áIf you’re still interested in them, keep digging. They’re a really cool piece of machinery.